Friday, April 30, 2010


Oh what a beautiful friday. I'm overlooking a pool with fallen leaves all over, typing this while some black mosquitos are trying to suck my blood. Oh my lord, have mercy on me. Hoooo tak pasal.

tapi bukanla copy paste membuta tuli okay y'all. copy paste dengan ilmu laaaa. dah confirm benda tu betul, bawak kebaikan baru la copy paste. bukannya copy paste 'Michael Jackson wasnt dead, he was seen walking around with a new physical characteristic, but was trying to hide his face. but it was confirmed that the mysterious person is him. it is believed that Michael had undergo some cosmetic surgeries to change his image. there were rumours that Michael is now in a private island in Kuala Terengganu, surviving on keropok lekor everday. it was also believed that he faked his death to get away from million dollar debts. he was also seen around in kuala terengganu working as a fishermen. fans were advised not to stalk nor hunt him all the way to terengganu, this man needs his privacy. now with all due respect, i conclude that michael is alive and he is in terengganu eating keropok lekor.' tak de lah aku copy paste benda macam ni kan? orang dah meninggal, biarkan lah dia. get a life people. let him rest in peace. now i strictly do not believe this shit. islam is peace. dosa aibkan orang.

oh panjangnye intro!. ni je yang aku nak copy paste.

"...tazkirah hari jumaat:"Wahai anakku Fatimah! Adapun perempuan-perempuan yang akan digantung rambutnya hingga mendidih otaknya dalam neraka adalah mereka itu di dunia tidak mahu menutup rambutnya daripada dilihat oleh lelaki yang bukan mahramnya." Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim..."

We all have a long way to go to be the best that we can be, but do we have all the time in the world? We never know how much time we have left. Maybe an hour, a week, or even years to go. People die everyday. The Prophets died. Michael Jackson died. Tupac died. I even just killed a mosquito. i didnt tell him i was gonna kill him, It just happened. Nature works that way.

So now i ajak u, o all believing women. To make a change, and tutup your awrah. Its not hard. Its beautiful babe. Its an honor. Love yourself. Put on a hijab. You can be bald, and no one knows. How pretty that is. 


atika said...

weh,cube bce blog nih

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

wahahaha. ade gak ke weh rumors psl MJ camtu?? adoii. sian dia. RIP MJ. weh, nk jugak masukkan mosquito kau tu. xP

qistina said...

tikapad - dah bace. it was a lil bit depressing but inspiring at the same time
srkdk - hahaha tak guna punya nyamuk, dah gemuk pun nak hisap darah lagi

atika said...

haha,agak lah
ko bace sume older post die
mmg sedey :(
and ko bce la blog yg die link
blog prg yg kne cancer gk